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At Pinnacle Freight Systems, Inc. we take pride in our Carrier - Broker relationships. Through these relationships we gain consciousness of the issues you as a carrier face in the current freight environment. The design of this website will allow for speed and efficiency while eliminating redundancies in the freight contracting process. Please download all required setup information from the DOCUMENTS section above.

Pinnacle preferred carriers are provided with a login and password which allows you to log in to our website where you can post your available equipment, receive "status" on particular lanes, and accept, reject, or counter load tenders.


Pinnacle Freight Systems, Inc. average date of payment is 25 days from receipt of invoice. And we continue to monitor our payment status as we are aware of the costs carriers incur on a day to day operational basis. Quick Pay is available for your convenience; please email operations@pinnaclefrt.com for further inquiries.


Over the road (OTR) safety is a real and consequential hiring requirement in today's shipping environment. Pinnacle Freight Systems employs a Safe Carrier Policy (downloadable from the documents tab or p.12 in Broker-Carrier Agreement) which is designed to foster improvements in policies and monitoring procedures of equipment and drivers. Carriers contracted via Pinnacle Freight Systems, Inc. are required to be FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) compliant and in good standing.

Pinnacle utilizes www.Carrier411.com which is a monitoring service that alerts management and dispatch alike to changes in authority, insurance coverage, and safety scores. In addition we employ a secondary service which imports Safestat and Insurance requirements directly into our TMS. Lastly, before dispatch assigns a carrier to a load, an automated check is performed which will prevent the load from being covered if our requirements are not fulfilled. Lets' work together in making our highways' Safer!